Pre-purchase valuation

To finance or insure a boat, a financier or insurance company will often require the current market value and execution value. If requested the appraised values can be attached to the pre-purchase inspection report as a separate document.

Fixed valuation

A fixed valuation provides yacht owners with three years' protection against legal disputes with insurance companies on the total loss payment. Furthermore, a valuation minimises the risk of over valuations (excess premium payments) and under valuations (adjusted claim payments). Dros Nautic values yachts, working ships and house boats on behalf of various insurance companies, financial institutions and private individuals. Rob D. Dros is registered in the Foundation Verenigd Register van Taxateurs (VRT-NIVRE) (Dutch Valuers Registry).

Do you require a valuation?

For an independent valuation of your boat, you can call Rob D. Dros at number +31 6 22 48 04 32.

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