Check list before sailing out


Check fluid levels of engine / generator

  • Diesel oil tanks
  • Fuel level engine
  • Fuel level gear box
  • Cooling water level of engine (expansion barrel)

Shut off valves engine

  • Cooling water tap open
  • Diesel oil valve open

Exterior engine

  • Check on traces of leakage of water / lubricant oil / diesel oil
  • Check on bilge: water / oil

Spare parts engine

  • Drive belts
  • Impeller cooling water system
  • Lubricant oil engine
  • Hydraulic oil gear box


  • Security of rigging and standing screw
  • Strength of standing rigging
  • Check / look at running rigging
  • Correct sails rigged
  • Give a good look at the whole rigging

Electrical installation

  • Battery condition / battery water
  • Main switches
  • Fuses
  • Group switches
  • Functioning of systems and pumps among which bilge pump, lights, instruments, anchor winch etc.

Technical installation

  • Level of water tanks
  • Level of grey water tank
  • Functioning of toilets
  • Functioning of pumps among which the grey water system
  • Deck washing pump
  • Fresh water system
  • Fridge
  • Airco


  • Sufficient moorings and buffers
  • Anchor cables and chain
  • Safety and life saving equipment among which life vests, rescue rings, life raft, fire extinguishers, emergency signals, VHF channel 16


  • Bring enough provision on board depending on the trip
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